Monday, October 14, 2019


What is cloud computing

Hey guys! This is Pankaj from India.Today in this session, we will be talking about Amazon Web Services, so without wastingany more time lets move on ahead and see what is our agenda for today.So, we will be following a top-down approach, we will start off with what is cloud and thenmove on to what is AWS.After that we will be discussing the different domains which are there in AWS, followed bythe AWS services.So, I will be briefing you guys up on all the AWS services, which are out there, afterthat we will be discussing the AWS pricing options.So, we will be discussing all the key points which are there in AWS pricing.Once we are done with all the learning, I will teach you guys, how to migrate your applicationsto AWS infrastructure and in the end, we will be solving a real-life problem using theAWS knowledge that we will be getting today.So guys, this is our agenda for today, are we clear?Alright.I am getting yes.

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