Monday, October 14, 2019


What is facing problem in clouding

Now, these things led to problems.Now, what were those problems?Let us refresh them.So, first of all this set-up was very expensive since you are buying a lot of servers, andguys, servers are not cheap, they are very expensive, right!So this set-up was very expensive.Secondly, since you had to troubleshoot problems, they used to conflict with their businessgoals, because your aim should be making your application better, right?But if you are also thinking about, whether your application is or is not facing any downtime or if your server hardware configuration is up to date or not, you are not investingthat much time on your application as you may need to, right?So, it used to conflict the business goals.Thirdly, since your traffic is varying, your servers will be idle most of the time.What this basically means is, since you bought a minimum number of servers keeping the peaktime in mind, now, what about the time when the peak time is gone, right.

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