Tuesday, October 15, 2019



if your website is experiencing the most traffic between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and you areplacing say 5 servers to handle that kind of traffic, what about the time which is thereafter 6 p.m.?After 6 p.m. when the traffic goes down.You say you need only 2 servers, which can handle that traffic.Now, what about those extra 3 servers?Right?They become a liability on your investments because since youve invested a lot on thoseservers, but you cannot utilize them now because you do not have the need for them after 6p.m.Right?So, it becomes a bad investment, hence it was a problem.So, these are all the problems that people faced before cloud computing.Now we have to fix these.So, lets see, how do we fix them?So, we came up with Cloud computing.So, now in Cloud computing, instead of buying servers, you actually rent them, right?So, instead of burning a lot of your investment on buying servers, you can actually investit on some other things, may be, a better idea or may be hiring more people, right?So, first of all, the foremost things that you are renting servers cuts on your costinto a fraction.Secondly, scalability was a problem.So, now with Cloud computing, you can scale up or scale down according to your needs.So, you dont have to foresee what kind of future your application will have or whatkind of traffic will be coming 

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